Crunch Time


Valentina Stackl

Every end of semester I wonder how on earth I will finish everything that I need to do. Every end of semester I somehow finish it all! So- while the following entry might sound desperate, don’t you worry, dear readers, I will make it!

While undergraduate at UofM was quite difficult/challenging/exhausting at times, let me tell you, it’s nothing compared to how I feel now. Before december 18th, I need to finish six papers, two projects/presentations, one exam and one quiz. Six papers you say? Why yes. Six. That’s a lot. 

Thankfully, the SPH community is alway there to help. You will always have plenty of study buddies, studying spaces, people who will go and get the so needed cup of coffee with you, and people who will listen to you complain even though they have just as much to do as you.

So, to not further procrastinate, I will see you on the other side- hopefully smarter, wiser, and ready for a vacation!


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