La Celebracion Latina

This year I’m helping to organize the Latino graduation at the University of Michigan- La Celebracion Latina. It’s the 11th year- and a really wonderful experience. It’s basically a more culturally and linguistically appropriate way to celebrate the accomplishments of Latino graduates and their families. Here is what the invitation looks like:

We also have some great goodies  we designed to give the participating graduates: a poster and a canvas bag with the design that is also on the invitation.

We came up with the design by trying to focus on native South American, North American and African symbols. Hidden in there is also the Michigan block M. We wanted to show the diversity of perspectives Latino students have at the University of Michigan and at institutions of  higher learning in general.

The theme therefore became Perspectiva, or Perspective. I really actually enjoyed the process of designing an appropriate logo and theme for the event- it’s pretty difficult trying to develop an idea that won’t offend anyone would make everyone happy.

I also had to arrange the catering services for the event- this involved a lot of math, making decisions about what kind of cookies people like to eat, and if it was culturally appropriate or offensive to serve pretty much only Mexican dishes – or really Tex-Mex dishes (tacos, tostones, 7 layer dip-which is hardly Mexican etc) since other Latin American food is less available through the University Catering Services.

It’s also been really fun working with the group- they are mostly graduating college students. The event is on Friday at April 30th at 6:30 at the Lydia Mendelsohn Theatre in the League. Maybe you can drop by and show your support?

Here is also a link to the Facebook Group.


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