Dia de los Muertos

Valentina Stackl

The group I am in, La Salud, had another successful event yesterday. We celebrated Dia de los Muertos, a traditional Mexican holiday which celebrates the memory of those who have passed. To give it a public health twist, we educated the participants on Latino health disparities on top of doing traditional dia de los muertos activities like making an altar, decorating sugar skulls and sugar cookies. 

One of the things I found the most interesting in were the statistics about cancer and Latinos:

The incidence and mortality rates of stomach, liver, and cervical cancers, all of which are related to infectious agents, are higher among Hispanics than non-Hispanic whites, especially among first-generation immigrants to the US. For example, the rates of stomach cancer incidence are at least 70% higher in Hispanics than in non-Hispanic whites. Also, Hispanics experience a two-fold higher incidence and death rate from liver cancer compared to non-Hispanic whites. Hispanic women residing in the US have about twice the cervical cancer incidence rate of non-Hispanic whites. The death rate from cervical cancer is 50% higher among Hispanic women than among non-Hispanic white women. 

Here are also some pictured of the event:




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