Busiest Weekend-EVER!


Valentina Stackl
Valentina Stackl

This weekend definitely takes the cake with how busy I was! Some wonderful events happened this weekend and I want to tell you all about them!

Friday was the field placement poster session for HBHE/Epid/EHS second years. Its basically a presentation of what we did and what we learned during our sumer internships. Here is my poster!


Then, on Saturday, it was perspective student day a the school of public health. This semester we reactivated the Latino Public Health Student group- La Salud- which has been inactive for the past few years. I’ve been incredibly busy organizing stuff for the group, trying to plan events and network. Here is a picture of the event:

And then finally, today was dia de la familia. This was a wonderful community event at Washtenaw Community College. A whole bunch of people from SPH and specifically La Salud came out to volunteer. There were free blood pressure screening stations, an eye doctor, face painting, delicious food and great music. Tons of organizations came out with spanish speaking employees and spanish materials for the community. Here is a picture of the mariachi band:


So now, its Sunday night and guess what? I have tons of homework. So I will leave you with this: I got to do so many great things related to my studies both with school and with the community- but because I chose to be involved. Last year I was nowhere near this busy because I didn’t feel the need to participate in student groups or community events. This year is different, and while its exhausting to be this busy- its also very fulfilling.


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