Coffee and more coffee (and my 5k results)


Valentina Stackl
Valentina Stackl

If you’re at all like me (which I imagine you are), your coffee in the morning is somewhat sacred and/or holy, and/or necessary for functioning. I still remember the first sip of coffee I had as a child, sitting on my fathers lap smelling the bitter, dark aroma of his cup. The first taste was- well- yuk! Pretty disgusting. Somehow that did not deter me (nor anyone else) from making that cup of coffee the most important thing in the morning.


Well, you must then understand the shock I felt when I saw that the cafe at the School of Public Health would permanently close last week. WHAT?? Exams are coming up are you kidding me? I’m going to have to make my own coffee and bring it in? (I’m unfortunately not a very good coffee maker). Not that the coffee at Crossroads was so gourmet, but at least it was hot and caffeinated. I contemplated what sadistic human being could have made the decision to remove the cafe from school permanently when I heard the news: We would be getting a new and improved cafe at SPH! Hooray.

The new cafe is called Glasshouse @ SPH and will be similar to Glasshouse at Palmer Commons. Most products will be local, organic, fair trade, and recycled or recyclable. For example the silverware is made from recycled materials, the coffee grounds  are used as compost later, and the cooking oil  is recycled and used to run farm equipment. Glasshouse also donates food to organization in Washtenaw County, recycles chemical products effectively, and provides continuous education for their staff about the waste reduction and recycling. 

The best part about the whole thing is that  it sounds like the coffee will actually be good, they are using a company called San Rafael Coffee, which comes from a family farm in Guatemala! I also hear that a cappuccino machine is coming. So, although we have to wait a few days for the cafe to open, I think it will be worth it. There will be delicious coffee, salads, sandwiches, soups and snacks galore that aren’t only good, but also good for you and our community.


On a side not: I was not last at the Shamrocks and Shenanigans 5k a couple of weeks ago, nor did I crawl across the finish line (it was more like a halfhearted sprint). Actually, it wasn’t so bad once I got over the fact that yes, the guy with the stroller and the twins will be fasters than me, and so will the guy dressed in a tutu and a beer hat, and definitely the guy in the speedo. It was such an adrenaline rush to run around downtown with over 1500 people of all ages. Way to go Ann Arborites, way to be good to ourselves!

I think the reason why everyone ran so well that day was because of what was waiting for us at the finish line. Conor O’Neils set up a tent with Sheppards Pie and beer. Thats right, nothing better than greasy food and a cold glass of beer after a run.