The Whole Foods Parking Lot Incident

Valentina Stackl
Valentina Stackl

At the beginning of the semester I decided to join a new gym. Since I am on a student budget (as most of us are) I became a member of a gym in Ypsilanti that was only 10 dollars a month. It is a bit of a drive, but definitely worth it. After a good work out one day I decided to stop by Whole Foods to get my dinner at the salad bar. As I pulled into the parking lot, I found the perfect spot right by the entrance. As I was about to pull in, a middle-aged woman in a black SUV pulled in right in front of me. I honked my horn and shook my fist- to no avail. Pissed off, I started making rounds around the parking lot. Was all of Ann Arbor really in this parking lot today?

Finally I found a spot at the complete other end of the lot. Walking the entire three minutes all the way to the entrance I contemplated the irony. I was willing to sweat at the gym for an hour, but refused to park too far from my destination. It reminded me of how I wait for the bus outside of SPH for 15 minutes because its quicker to take the bus than to walk (except not at all quicker when I have to wait for the bus to come).

Really, it is not all about the big choices that we make, not about going to the gym every day, having a salad for dinner, or quitting bad habits. At the end of the day all the small choices we make add up too. So- park on the other side of the parking lot on purpose, walk instead of taking the bus, don’t heighten your stress level by flicking of strangers in SUVs and finally, take the stairs in SPH II, they will give you a good work out and I can guarantee you they will get you to your destination faster than those slow elevators.