Waiting Around

i spent the weekend with my baby brother while our parents moved our siste to DC. we had a wonderful time and learned many things like how many rooms the white house has (132 or 123, either way it has 100 steps) what a group of sharks is called ( a shiver of sharks) how and when the earth was made (4.5 billion years ago) and how much we love each other (much much much much never ending much).
i also took care of him while he was running a high fever- mind you there is few things that i have experienced that have been scarier- moaning in his sleep, sweating, hoping that is temp will go down next time i measure him, holding him- but he made it through after a long sleepless night on my part- how does one do it as a mother? there is nothing worse to me than seeing your poor sick child in pain, i would much rather feel the pain myself tenfold than see him like that.


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